About Us



At Libélula, a bohemian paradise in Nacala Bay, Northern Mozambique, you'll find a warm welcome, comfortable beds, fantastic food and the best uninterrupted sunset view in the bay.

Come dive with us in our marine reserve which is now thriving after almost 10 years of TLC, or take out a kayak to enjoy the endless beauty and azure waters of our marine reserve, and beyond! Enjoy sundowners on the pool deck or listen to the sounds of the humpback whales breaching right on our doorstep (in season, August - November, roughly) all the while enjoying our personally chosen and eclectic soundtrack to the Libélula experience. "Monday Madness" is our hugely popular Pizza + beer specials night and on weekends we open our "Peace & Love" beach bar where we serve the best Coconut cocktails in Nacala.

At our dive sites you will be able to see an enormous variety of marine life including frog fish, leaf fish, nudibranchs and even sea-horses. Above the waters you will find an array of rare and beautiful insects like the cryptically patterned Monkey Moths or the rare, non-venomous Tailless Whip Scorpions, countless dragonflies as well as the many nocturnal stick insects and colourful butterflies. We are also blessed with pre-historic looking water monitors , bush babies and the comical vervet monkeys plus countless more fury/scaly/feathery friends.

Please note that we do not offer public parking at Libélula, if you would like to use the facilities here (parking, security, showers, marine reserve etc.) there is a fee of 150 mts per person. This is for people who are not eating at the restaurant or staying at the lodge and who only want to access the beach.



After falling in love with the underwater world when I was 12, I have been diving ever since. Before university I was lucky enough to have spent 12 months working in Egypt, and then continuing on to complete a degree in Ocean Science and Geology. Since completing my degree I have never really left the coast, and have been back to work in Egypt, travelled around Australia’s coast line, and worked in the Cayman Islands for 3 years where I met my wonderful wife Pj.

We then travelled Southern Africa in a 10 week adventure and our trusty Landrover got us through the toughest of terrain.

It was during this trip we came upon Nacala, and the location which would eventually become Libelula.

Thats where the next adventure started, and still continues!

The beach is lush. The view is stunning. The beer is cold, and there are many critters to discover under the water in the marine reserve!

I look forward to welcoming you in the future to not only our restaurant serving lovingly prepared food, but also having the pleasure of taking you diving in our beautiful marine reserve.



Hi there!

I’m Picolien, but if it’s easier for you please feel free to call me Pj. I’m the co-owner of Libélula and wife to Ian and mom to our beautiful daughter, Pippa Jo Rosebud and our handsome dog, Vincent (the Wonder Dog).

I was born in South Africa, and moved to Holland at the age of 18 where I studied Theatre Making and Acting, Multi-cultural Studies and Aikido. I then moved to London and worked in television broadcasting for 5 years and travelled through Europe as much as possible. After some time in South East Asia I moved to the Cayman Islands where I worked in a law firm and discovered SCUBA diving, and a lovely young man named Ian.


I’ve moved around a fair bit, but having come across this little spot in Nacala Bay I just didn’t want to leave! I invite you to come and enjoy the peace, tranquillity, endless starry skies and clear waters here with us.

We serve superb food in our restaurant and a lot of the produce is grown locally to ensure top quality. Our beds are comfy, our rooms are spotless and the diving is excellent!

I had always dreamed of owning a little place just like this and over the past 6 years I have worked hard to ensure the best quality food and service we can provide, and have tried to create a little magic in the restaurant and rooms, to compliment the natural beauty we have been blessed to find ourselves surrounded by. Our Peace & Love beach bar is open on weekends and we serve the best coconut cocktail in Nacala!

I look forward to having you here with us,

Ciao till then!